Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy, or OT for short, is a health profession that helps people to solve the problems that interfere with their ability to do the things that are important to them when injury, illness or disability is limiting them. OT?s play an integral role in preparing clients for the transition from hospital to home especially if an illness or injury has left them unable to look after themselves and participate in their usual daily activities. An occupational therapist may help by teaching strategies to improve strengthening, hands on facilitation for return of movement, retraining in activities of daily living, prescribing mobility or adaptive aids, testing or training of cognitive/ perceptual skills, splinting or rehabilitation for the hand or arm and by providing education related to adapting your environment or your routines for your return to home.

Where do Occupational Therapists work at HHS?

Occupational Therapists work in many different areas of our hospital. These include:
  • Inpatient Mental Health
  • Acute In-Patient Care
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Complex Transitional Care
  • Out-patient clinics such as the Hand Clinic, Prehab, Spasticity Clinic, Falls Strong and Steady Program, and the Step Up Program.

A physician's referral is required to access this service.

  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

    Located in Area A - Outpatient Rehabilitation on the main floor in the north block at OTMH.

  • Milton District Hospital

    Located in Area D - Outpatient Rehabilitation on the main floor in the north block at MDH.

  • Georgetown Hospital

    Enter through the Main hospital entrance. Turn right and continue down the corridor to the Oupatient Registration Desk