Complex Transitional Care Department (CTC)


Complex Transitional Care (CTC) provides a transitional level of care when a patient no longer requires the hospital's acute care services.

Care on CTC is provided by a team of health care professionals to persons who have medically complex, nursing, and therapeutic needs. The complexity of patient needs requires the intensity of staffing levels, typical of a hospital environment. 

In order to be considered for admission to CTC, the care of patients must exceed the capability or provision of community services or those services found in a long-term care facility. The focus of CTC is to develop a plan of care that would enhance quality of life and facilitate discharge to a lighter level of care.

The goal of the program is to optimize patients’ quality of life, maximize their independence and improve their function, to the best extent possible.

Palliative Care

  • Goal of Palliative Care is symptom management and comfort care for those who are suffering from a life-limiting illness

Long Term Complex Medical Management (LCMM)

  • Medically and complex specialized services are offered over an extended period of time to maintain/slow the rate of functional losses

Short Term Complex Medical Management (SCMM)

  • Medically complex and specialized services to increase activity tolerance and progress functioning overall

For external facilities referring patients to Post-Acute, please complete the GTA Rehab Network Integrated Acute Care to Inpatient Rehab & Complex Continuing Care (CCC) Referral Form on the GTA Rehab Network link found at

Completed referrals can be faxed to our Patient Flow Department at 905-845-9820.