Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)

The Ontario Breast Screening Program is a comprehensive, organized breast cancer-screening program. Its mission is to reduce mortality from breast cancer by delivering high quality breast screening imaging to Ontario women between the ages of 50 and 74, who have no previous history of breast cancer.

Women in the Halton Region can now access enhanced breast screening services at any of Halton Healthcare's three community hospitals. As of July 2014, Milton District Hospital (MDH) and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) were established as new Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) sites. In addition, Georgetown Hospital, (GH) which was already an OBSP Screening Site, has been elevated to an Assessment Centre.  As of February 2015, OTMH expanded and joined GH as an Assessment Center site.

Service is provided through dedicated breast screening centers that must achieve accreditation with the Canadian Association of Radiologists Mammography Accreditation Program. The program is funded by the Ministry of Health and administered under Cancer Care Ontario.

Referral Information:
IMPORTANT - for all exams you will need a signed requisition form from your referring doctor (except for OBSP self-referral screening exams). It is important that you bring with you or arrange to have sent, previous mammogram exams done at other facilities.

Halton Healthcare now offers the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) for High Risk Patients

Patients who qualify for high risk screening and reside in Halton Healthcare’s catchment area (Milton, Oakville and Halton Hills) can be referred to OTMH for testing. Healthcare practitioners referring new patients into the OBSP High Risk Screening Program at OTMH are required to complete the OBSP High Risk Screening Requisition (see Related Downloads) fax it to OTMH at 905-845-9921. A patient navigator will triage the requisition and coordinate the patient care path, as appropriate. For more information, please contact the Halton Healthcare OBSP High Risk Screening Program at 905-845-2571 x5236.