Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit


The Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit offers short-term rehabilitation to individuals who have had a stroke or have neurological, musculoskeletal or general medical conditions that affect their ability to function. The Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (GARU) is also located on the Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit.

Please watch our Welcome to Rehabilitation Video to know what to expect at our unit.

Your active involvement in the rehabilitation program is essential to meeting your goals. You will be seen by members of the multidisciplinary team. The type of therapy and activities that you will participate in depends on your level of endurance, capability and unique needs.

Patients participate in individualized active, comprehensive treatment, one-on-one and in-group sessions.  Patients are dressed in regular clothes, enjoy lunch in a communal dining environment and are expected to do as much for themselves in the activities of daily living as their conditions will safely allow.