Adult Mental Health

The Mental Health Program at Halton Healthcare Services has specialty resources and services for adults of all ages:

Adult Inpatient Services

Adult inpatient services provide assessment, stabilization and treatment within a secure setting for patients experiencing acute symptoms and who require the safety and intensity of a hospital admission. Patients are assessed for admission through the Emergency Department. Services include:

  • Interprofessional assessments
  • Individualized treatment planning in collaboration with the patient and his/her caregivers
  • Optimal stabilization, treatment and recovery in a safe environment
  • Groups programming
  • Discharge planning for ongoing treatment and transition back to the community

To learn more about adult inpatient mental health care please view the Adult Inpatient Guide, which was written with valuable contributions from the Consumer Advisory Committee: Adult Inpatient Guide

Adult Outpatient Services

Halton Healthcare offers outpatient mental health services to adults and seniors experiencing moderate to severe mental health and addiction issues. Clinics are located at a variety of locations including:

  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, 3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville
  • Milton District Hospital, 396 Williams Avenue, Milton
  • Milton Clinic, 217 Main Street, East, Milton
  • Acton Clinic, 19 Willow Street, Acton
  • Georgetown Clinic, 280 Guelph Street, Georgetown
  • Oakville Clinic, 2401 Bristol Circle, Oakville

Outpatient clinics and services include:

Accessing Outpatient Care

Patients may be referred to adult outpatient services from other Halton Healthcare services or from family physicians. For more information or to get connected to services contact one-Link at 905-338-4123 or Toll-free at 1-844-216-7411.

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