Breast MRI Biopsy


This is a new technology available at Halton Healthcare Services. This type of biopsy is done when a breast abnormality is only visible on MRI and not on Mammogram or Ultrasound.

This biopsy is performed in the MRI machine by a Radiologist with the help of an MRI technologist.  The procedure is done with the patient lying on their stomach with the breast in mild compression.  The MRI technology is used to find and biopsy the lesion.  A larger needle is required for this type of biopsy compared to mammographic or ultrasound guided biopsies. The procedure is done with local freezing.  The procedure will take 45-60 minutes and you will need to stay after the procedure for approximately one hour.  After the procedure, you will be tender and have bruising at the biopsy site.  You will be given post-biopsy instructions to take with you.

Biopsy results will be sent to your doctor in approximately 5-10 days.