Special Care Nursery


The Special Care Nursery (SCN) at OTMH and MDH provides family-centered and developmentally supportive care to newborns requiring increased observation and care. The SCN provides care to infants requiring help with breathing problems, sugar problems and/or prematurity and offers specialized services to assist your baby/babies recovery. 

We welcome and encourage parents to be with their baby at any time of the day or night. You and your family are welcome to care for, feed and cuddle your baby once they are stable.

We ask that visitors:

  • Be accompanied by a parent when visiting the baby in the SCN
  • Are free of fever or cough

Children who are siblings to a baby in the SCN may visit as long as they are not sick and are up to date with their vaccines.

In effort to help families stay close to their baby we provide:

  • Cots at each baby’s bedside
  • Two courtesy rooms for parents to spend the night to care for their baby
  • Space for parents to eat, prepare food and care for their breast pump