Comprehensive Spasticity Mangement Clinic


Our Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic provides interdisciplinary, client-centered assessment and treatment for adults experiencing muscle spasticity. Spasticity is a condition in which muscles or muscle groups are constantly tight and/or stiff due to an increase in muscle activity and/or tone. Individuals with spasticity may experience pain and discomfort due to constant muscle tightness and stiffness.

Our team consists of a Physiatrist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist with expertise in the management of muscle spasticity. Our primary treatment approach is through the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A injections, more commonly known as Botox. We adopt a client centered approach to service delivery with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of individuals with muscle spasticity.

We require a physician referral, which can be downloaded from the 'Related Downloads'.

We are located in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. Please note that this clinic requires a physician referral - please call for clinic hours.