Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is designed to prevent delirium by keeping hospitalized seniors oriented to their surroundings, meeting their needs for nutrition, fluids, and sleep, and keeping them mobile within the limitations of their physical condition.

HELP’s innovative design utilizes Elder Life Specialists and a large well-organized and specially trained volunteer group to meet the patients’ needs.HELP began in April 2016 and is currently on all acute care medical and surgical units at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

HELP is part of our Safer Elder Care initiative that recognizes the unique needs of older adults and provides a culture of care that is sensitive to the needs of this population. The Safer Elder Care initiative addresses common related geriatric issues such as delirium prevention and management, safe mobility, least restraint, falls prevention, skin care and the prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections