Nephrology (Renal)


The Halton Healthcare Regional Nephrology Dialysis Program is a provider of kidney services within the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integrated Network and is governed by the Ontario Renal Network (ORN). Our goal is to support and educate patients and their families to manage their chronic kidney disease.

We provide a dedicated multi-disciplinary team including Nephrologists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Renal Assistants and Renal Technologists.

Patients are an important part of our team and our self-management approach encourages patients to be active participants in their care. Our program provides a number of in and out patient services in our region which include:

  • The Multi Care Kidney Clinic provides care and education to patients with impaired kidney function
  • Independent Dialysis (dialzing at home) 
  • Hemodialysis offered by a multidisciplinary team providing ongoing care to patients receiving hemodialysis


Halton Healthcare encouragespatients to seek information and to take an active role in their healthcare. Most website information is tailored for the general population and may not mirror the personal medication, diet or treatment plan that has been set with you and the Renal Team. Please do not adjust your treatment before speaking to one of your care providers. 

Below are a few organizations that provide valuable patient information: