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PocketHealth - Accessing Your Diagnostic Images

Halton Healthcare and PocketHealth have worked together to provide you - the patient - easier access and control over your images and reports completed at Halton Healthcare. You can securely share your imaging records with your health care providers instantly and in full diagnostic quality remotely i.e. from home.

Why PocketHealth instead of driving to the Hospital to pick up your image records?

  • Save time, no need to leave your home to request your images
  • Reduce stress by not having to pick up your images before your specialist/medical appointment
  • Share the access code with as many healthcare professionals as needed in your circle of care
  • Save money, no parking fees

Using the link below, you will be able to sign-in and order a copy of your images and reports. You will be provided an access number which you can share with your healthcare provider(s).

Here's how PocketHealth works:

Patients who choose to enroll with PocketHealth will have their images stored permanently and readily accessible at any time, from any device.

There is a $5.00 + HST fee paid to PocketHealth to have all images at Halton Healthcare stored with PocketHealth, as well as any additional examinations over the subsequent two weeks after enrolling.

Patients are notified of new images, which can be added to their account. After the initial two week period, there is a $5.00 + HST fee to store new images.

Strong privacy and encryption protocols keep all medical information secure.

With PocketHealth, you can also share your images and reports from other facilities with Halton Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging (Image Library Department) by faxing the access code provided by PocketHealth to 905-203-7993. If you have questions, you can directly contact PocketHealth at or 1 (855)768-4455 (toll-free).

If a DVD is required for pick up, please call the image library for details and requirements: