Visiting & Connecting with a Patient

In-Person Visiting

Starting Wednesday, July 7, 2021, most inpatients will be permitted to have a single (1) visitor at a time during general visiting hours (11am-7pm). Mental Health visiting hours are 5pm-7pm. Patients will no longer be asked to identify designated visitors.

Visitors must coordinate their visits within the current visiting guidelines:

  • Visitors will be required to check-in when they enter the hospital and check-out before they exit
  • If a visitor does not check-out before they exit, the patient will not be allowed another visitor until it is confirmed that the previous visitor has left the hospital
  • For your safety, visitors must wear a face mask at all times. Visitors who do not wear a mask may be asked to leave the hospital

COVID-19 positive patients and those waiting for COVID-19 test results are not permitted visitors, unless their medical status changes significantly for the worse. Visiting restrictions may vary by unit/department based on the ability to ensure physical distancing in the area. Patients should speak with their nurse for more information.

NOTE: Visitors to Georgetown Hospital and the Complex Transitional Care and 2 North Regional Unit at Milton District Hospital will be required to pre-schedule their visits due to physical limitations of these areas.

Important Information for Visitors:

Everyone is required to enter through a designated Visitor Entrance, participate in active screening and check in and check out.

  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – Level 1 Parking Garage Entrance
  • Milton District Hospital – Maternal Newborn Entrance
  • Georgetown Hospital – Main Entrance (ED Entrance for after-hours)

Visitors must:

  • wear a mask at all times
  • clean hands frequently and avoid touching surfaces
  • stay in the patient room for the duration of their visit
  • use public, not patient washrooms
  • not eat or drink in the patient’s room or on the unit
  • not visit other areas of the building
  • not take patients outside the hospital

Virtual Visiting Request Form

To accommodate as many requests as possible, we are encouraging families and loved ones to coordinate times you can all connect together at the same time. For example, through a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call, which allows multiple users/devices to log on simultaneously and meet together. We will do our best to help you set up an online meeting should you choose to do this.

Patient Information