Current Outbreak

  • Milton District Hospital – 2 North Regional
  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – 4 North Units 1 & 2


Masks must be worn on these units.


At Halton Healthcare our top priority is the safety of our patients, people and the communities we serve. Halton Healthcare remains vigilant and is continuously preparing measures to respond to cases of infection and outbreaks. Declaring an outbreak of any infectious disease (i.e. norovirus, COVID-19, influenza, etc.) allows us to put additional measures in place in order to prevent further transmission of the virus.

What is an Outbreak?

The definition of an outbreak in a hospital is set by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Each outbreak has its own unique definition depending on the organism acquired. The definition of an outbreak in our hospitals is unique to the type of outbreak that is happening, meaning factors like the number of cases will vary. Generally, an outbreak is declared when an unusual number of patients and/or staff within a specified area (unit/floor/service) are confirmed to have acquired an organism. The acquisition must also have happened within a certain period of time and is likely to have taken place in the hospital.

For example, a COVID-19 outbreak is declared when two or more patients and/or staff within a specified area (unit/floor/service) with confirmed COVID-19 have been identified within a 10 day period, where both cases likely were acquired in the hospital.

Who Declares an Outbreak?

Declaring an outbreak is a joint decision made by the Halton Healthcare Outbreak Management team and Halton Public Health and is based on guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

What Steps Does Halton Healthcare Take to Address an Outbreak?

When an outbreak is declared enhanced control measures are implemented to prevent further transmission among patients and staff. This includes:

  • Communication with patients, families, staff, physicians and volunteers
  • Thorough and enhanced ongoing cleaning
  • Testing of all patients and staff on the affected unit
  • Contact tracing for possible exposure of patients and staff
  • Closure of unit to new admissions and transfers
  • A review of all current processes 
  • Restrict/limit visitors to the area of the outbreak

Does Halton Healthcare See New Patients During An Outbreak?

Our hospitals remain open and continue to be a safe place to receive care.