Milton District Hospital Opens Dedicated Inpatient Beds for Children and Adolescents

February 21, 2024

In celebration of the paediatric beds opening, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Milton District Hospital today featuring Dr. Kamal El-Tobgy, Chief of Paediatrics, Milton District Hospital, Dr. David McConachie, Chief of Staff and Melissa Farrell, President & CEO, Halton Healthcare (centre) with the Maternal Newborn team.

Jaime Zamora, Child Life Specialist, with a paediatric patient.

(Left to right) Monica Bettazzoni, Chief Operating Officer, Georgetown Hospital and Milton District Hospital, Ashley Robertson, Patient Care Manager, Maternal Newborn, Dr. Kamal El-Tobgy, Chief of Paediatrics, Milton District Hospital, Lauren Macdermid, Registered Nurse, Paediatrics, Diana Guedez, Registered Nurse, Paediatrics, Jaime Zamora, Child Life Specialist, Dr. Catalina Tamayo, Paediatrician, Dr. Nadia Mansoor, Paediatrician, Dr. Humaira Nael, Paediatrician, Janet Skupsky, Chief Operating Officer, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Elevic Guitirez, Registered Nurse, Paediatrics

Milton, ON – Today, Halton Healthcare celebrated the official opening of its first dedicated paediatric beds at Milton District Hospital (MDH), enabling children and adolescents to receive specialized inpatient care more quickly and closer to home.

The four inpatient paediatric beds will help clinicians deliver compassionate care to children up to 18 years of age.

MDH began admitting young patients to the new paediatric beds from its Emergency Department on February 5, 2024. Patients will also be able to access the beds from MDH’s surgical department and from Halton Healthcare’s other community hospitals, Georgetown Hospital and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, as required.

The population served by Halton Healthcare is growing rapidly, increasing the number of patients of all ages – including paediatric patients – who depend on our hospitals for care. Last year, the Emergency Department at MDH experienced approximately 15,500 visits from paediatric patients – an increase of 30 per cent over 2019-2020. 

Without access to local inpatient beds, paediatric patients experience the challenges of waiting in the Emergency Department until an inpatient bed at another hospital can be arranged, and then face being transported out of region by a medical team. Last year, more than 400 children were transferred from the Emergency Department at MDH to inpatient paediatric beds outside Halton.

As the communities Halton Healthcare serves continue to grow, the paediatric beds at MDH will help more young patients access the medical care they need more quickly without having to travel outside their community.

Halton Healthcare also has eight dedicated beds for paediatric patients at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.


“This is incredible news for youth and children who live in Milton, as well as their families, who can be confident that their children will get the care they need, close to home. This is another meaningful way we are growing and evolving with our community to better serve our growing population.”  

Melissa Farrell,

President & CEO, Halton Healthcare


“I am thrilled that we’ve been able to launch this new service because I know it will help us improve the experience for so many young patients and their families, who will now be able to get the care they need right here in our community. I’m grateful for the hard work and dedication of all our team members and service partners who have helped make this day a reality.”

Dr. David McConachie

Chief of Staff, Halton Healthcare


“Being able to access inpatient paediatric care here at Milton District Hospital will make a big difference in the lives of young patients and their families. It will also have an important impact on our whole hospital, helping to alleviate some of the capacity pressures on our Emergency Department.”

Dr. Kamal El-Tobgy

Chief of Paediatrics, Milton District Hospital, Halton Healthcare


"The fact that we have now implemented this – and it was a long time coming – has just been wonderful. It takes stress off the families knowing that they will be in their own community, close to their home. Especially if they have other siblings it takes away the anxieties of having to commute or be transferred somewhere else. This is an important step and allows us to further improve the care we are providing in the community."

Diana Guedez

Registered Nurse, Paediatrics, MDH


“I don’t know any other word to use other than excited. The community is finally getting what it deserves and needs to have here. I love being part of this new team.”

Jaime Zamora

Child Life Specialist, MDH


“It’s much easier for patients in the Emergency Department. Instead of them having to deal with being transferred when they’re sick, they can receive care closer to home.”

Karyssa Cartwright

Registered Nurse, Paediatrics, MDH