SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience)

SCOPE connects you and your patients to specialized care with just one phone call. Become a registered SCOPE provider today and give your patients access to these specialized SCOPE services.

How SCOPE Works

Primary Care Provider

Primary care providers registered with SCOPE can connect to internists, outpatient services, diagnostic imaging, home and community care, and other services through a single point of access.

SCOPE Nurse Navigator

Provide general advice and assistance navigating hospital and community resources for patients and facilitate communication between primary care and hospital physicians.

General Internal Medicine

Phone consultation and support in real-time with internist on-call, as well as referral for appropriate patients to rapid access outpatient services.

Dr. David Skogstad-Stubbs

General Internal Medicine

Home and Community Care Support Services

Facilitate access to Home and Community Care (H&CC) resources for patients with complex or chronic care needs and/or existing Home and Community Care clients.

Home and Community Care

Diagnostic Imaging

Answers to questions about tests and results, escalates urgent imaging requests, and referral directly to the radiologist on-call.

Dr. Gina
Di Primo

Diagnostic Imaging

Mental Health & Addictions

Navigation assistance to hospital and community mental health resources, as well as connect to a hospital inpatient mental health pharmacist for consultation on medication management.

Dr. Tonia Seli

Mental Health

Palliative Care

Provide phone consultation and support in real-time, as well as navigation assistance to hospital and community palliative care supports.

Dr. Deborah Marshall

Palliative Care

SCOPE launches at Halton Healthcare in November 2021. SCOPE will be evaluated as part of a Quality Improvement initiative. SCOPE is supported by the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team and is being delivered by Halton Healthcare.

Contact SCOPE - 289-952-2457