Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Process of Making an Ethical Decision

What is the general process for making an Ethical Decision? 

Halton Healthcare uses the IDEA Framework for Ethical Decision Making.

Identify the Facts:           

  • Gather information about the facts of the situation and identify the ethical issue(s).
  • Ensure participation of relevant individuals in decision-making process.

Determine the Ethical Principles

  • Clarify the ethical principles that are at stake (e.g., patient’s values and beliefs, benefits, harms, fairness).
  • Consider other factors such as the law and organizational policies.

Explore options

  • Identify various courses of action; weigh the likely benefits and burdens of each alternative.

Act and Evaluate

  • Choose a course of action – Ask the question “Am I comfortable with this decision?”
  • Evaluate the outcome and amend the decision as appropriate.

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