Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Safer Elder Care

Of the patients admitted to Halton Healthcare, 65% are aged 65+, while those 85+ represent the fastest growing age group in the Halton Region. Our clinical staff recognized the unique needs of the elderly population and initiated an interdisciplinary Delirium Prevention project in 2007. This innovative initiative evolved in 2009 to Safer Elder Care, an award winning program that recognizes the unique needs of older adults and provides a culture of care that is sensitive to the needs of this population.

 Today, our Safer Elder Care program addresses common inter-related geriatric issues such as delirium prevention and management, safe mobility, least restraint, falls prevention, skin care and the prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections.

Current Initiatives

Delirium Prevention and Management

Delirium is a common and serious medical condition that is characterized by a sudden change in mental functioning. Delirium is different from dementia, but they often occur together. The symptoms can change throughout the day and can last from days to weeks. There are many causes of Delirium and with the right treatment, most people do return to their usual selves. 

Falls Prevention Inpatient Program

Older adult patients tend to have more complex health issues, weaker eyesight and mobility or balance issues – and these factors make them more prone to falls.  In some cases confusion or agitation related to delirium, medication, and hospitalization, can put these patients at an even greater increased risk. Recognizing that older adults comprise the majority of our admitted patients, we implemented a comprehensive Falls Prevention Inpatient program in 2010 to standardize the screening, identification and falls prevention strategies in order to reduce both the number and severity of falls in our hospitals.

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