Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Patient Preparation for Rectal MRI 

1.  It is important that your rectum be empty the morning of your MRI scan.  

  • Purchase a fleet enema from the pharmacy and follow the instructions. Give yourself the enema and empty your bowels about 1 hour prior to leaving your home.  If you have a colectomy or ileostomy, do not use the fleet enema.

2.  Any gas in the bowel can affect the exam.  You must have an empty rectum because this will allow us to get
     high quality pictures of your prostate, which are needed for a proper examination.

3.  Diet

  • Dinner the night before - eat only a light or liquid diet (soups, soft cooked food, puddings, etc.) avoiding fibre rich foods.
  • On the day of your MRI up to 4 hours before the MRI, you may have clear fluids only.  No cream or milk.
  • You may drink water up to one hour before the MRI.

4.  Medications

  • You may take all prescribed medications the day before and the day of your MRI provided these are not affected by the dietary restrictions above.  If in doubt,
  • please consult your physician or pharmacist.
  • Please bring your prescribed medication with you on the day of your MRI.
  • Diabetic patients taking medication, please consult your physician.

Just before the test, please empty your bladder and use the bathroom, bearing down to reduce bowel gas in the rectum prior to going to the MRI exam room.

When you are in the MRI room, our Nurse will be inserting a small tip into the rectum to infuse 60 cc of gel in order to better see any tumours in the rectum, and help the Radiologist evaluate your images.

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