Rate Schedule for Patients

Fee Schedule For Insured Patients

Appliances (Crutches, Casts, Braces)Varies 
Patient Transport$220 
Per Diem Surcharge$400 
Preferred AccommodationsAcuteChronic
Semi-private (Per Day)$250$45
Private (Per Day)$290$65

Fee Schedule for Uninsured Patients

Inpatient fees (Per Day)Outpatient fees (Per Visit)  
Standard ward
Newborn$1,600Emergency visit$700+$200 physician fee
Intensive care$4,200Outpatient clinic*$700
Close Observation (GH only)$3,500Dialysis Clinic$1,100
Special care nursery$2,400  


*A $200 physician fee may apply to applicable outpatient clinic locations

Quotes for costs for surgery or use of specialized clinics (such as oncology or dialysis) can be obtained by contacting the Finance Department at 905-338-4640.

Additional charges for crutches, casts and other appliances as well as diagnostic imaging will apply.

Please note that uninsured patients may be required to place a refundable deposit with the hospital prior to service delivery.

All uninsured patients will also receive a separate bill for physician’s care.

If you have additional questions please call (905) 338-4640 or email: AccountsReceivable@haltonhealthcare.com

Please note that costs are subject to change without notice.