Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C)

Infection prevention and control (IP&C) practices are important in maintaining a safe environment for everyone by reducing the risk of the potential spread of disease. These practices are designed to reduce the risk of hospital-associated infections and to ensure a safe and healthy hospital environment for our patients, healthcare providers and visitors.

How You can Help

Hand Hygiene - Care Begins with Clean Hands

Hand washing is your best defence against infection. Good hand hygiene means washing your hands with soap and water or using a waterless, alcohol-based hand gel or foam product to clean your hands. We encourage everyone to wash their hands thoroughly at hand hygiene stations located throughout the hospital and at all entrances and exits.

Clean your hands with alcohol based hand rub unless your hands are visibly soiled, then soap and water is preferred. It is recommended that you perform hand hygiene at the following times:

• When you enter and leave the hospital
• When you enter and leave a patient room
• Before eating
• After using the washroom
• After coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose

Cover Your Cough

Patients and visitors have the choice to wear a face mask at Halton Healthcare facilities including the three hospitals – Georgetown Hospital, Milton District Hospital and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. Face mask dispensers are available at all main entrances for those who prefer to continue to wear one.

Respiratory infections like the flu spread easily. When you cough or sneeze it is important to use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose. If you are able, try using your forearm to block your cough. If you cough into your hands, you need to wash them immediately as your hands can transmit germs to surfaces or people you may be in contact with.

Caring for Patients Requiring Additional Precautions

Upon your admission or during your stay, you may have been identified by your doctor, nurse or the IP&C team as having a condition or illness that requires additional precautions.

If you require additional precautions, you may need to stay in your room but you can continue to have visitors. You, your visitors and your care providers will be required to follow specific instructions as identified by your doctor, nurse and the IP&C team. Special signs will be posted on the door frame outside your room with instructions for “All Persons Entering Your Room”.

If you have questions about your care while in Additonal Precautions, ask your nurse and doctor. You can also ask for a member of the the IP&C team to visit.