Your Health and Safety

You, the patient and your family members are valued members of the healthcare team. We encourage your participation in order to achieve safe, quality care within our family-focused environment.

Smoke-Free Properties

In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act smoking is prohibited on all Halton Healthcare hospital properties, and in personal vehicles while on hospital property. The Halton Region Health Department actively enforces the Act with enforcement officers which may include conducting random checks of our properties to ensure compliance.

In addition to not smoking, we ask that people not have any tobacco products visible while on hospital property in order to reduce tobacco triggers in others. Thank you for respecting this healthy initiative.

Scented Products and Highly Fragrant Flowers

Perfume, after-shave cologne or other scented personal care products are not permitted in the hospital as some people can be severely allergic to them. Please do not bring highly fragrant flowers, such as hyacinths or lilies, into the hospital as they can trigger allergic reactions.

Latex-Containing Products Restricted

Latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital. Mylar foil balloons are permitted. 

Please refrain from bringing products containing latex or natural rubber into the hospital. Examples include rubber toys, pacifiers, hot water bottles). If in doubt check with the manufacturer.

Cell Phones & Other Radio Transmitting Devices

Wireless devices can interfere with biomedical equipment. For the safety of our patients, you may be asked to turn off cell phones and wireless devices in certain areas of the hospital.

Photography, Videography, Audio recording

To protect the privacy of all individuals, photographs, video and/or audio recordings cannot be taken of other patients or Halton Healthcare staff, physicians and volunteers without their consent.

Hand Hygiene and Hand Hygiene Stations

While you are visiting our hospitals, please use the hand sanitizers at the hand hygiene stations that are located throughout each hospital.

Fire Safety

You may hear one of our regular fire drills during your hospital stay. When the fire alarm rings, patient rooms will be closed by hospital staff while hallway doors will automatically close. The elevators will return to the main floor or to a non-alarm floor and stop. If you are in the hospital cafeteria when the alarm is sounded, we encourage you to stay there until the “all clear” signal is given or other directions are provided.

Hospital Security

Security staff are on-site at all times. If you encounter or observe a suspicious individual or have any security concerns, please notify a staff person immediately. If staff are not available, please notify Security:

Georgetown Hospital: 905-873-0111 Ext. 8177
Milton Hospital: 905-878-2383 Ext. 7438
Oakville Hospital: 905-845-2571 Ext. 5950

Our hospital staff, medical staff and volunteers can be easily identified by their Halton Healthcare photo identification badges. It is mandatory for all staff, physicians and volunteers to wear their identification badge while at the hospital. For your security, we have surveillance cameras strategically located throughout our hospitals.

Lost and Found

If you lose something, please notify your nurse right away. To inquire about lost articles, please call Security. Unclaimed articles are only kept for 30 days.

Georgetown Hospital: 905-873-0111 Ext. 8177
Milton Hospital: 905-878-2383 Ext. 7438
Oakville Hospital: 905-845-2571 Ext. 5950


Please leave all valuables (money, jewellery, electronics, papers, etc.) at home. If you have arrived at the hospital unexpectedly and have these items with you please send these items home with your family members. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen valuables or personal property.


Wheelchairs are located at main entrances and in the Emergency Departments at our hospitals. Wheelchairs are also available on all nursing units. Please ask for help from a member of the hospital staff. Do not remove a wheelchair from the hospital property.

Patient Safety

Providing safe, quality healthcare to our patients is our top priority.

To keep you safe during your stay, please:
  • Make sure all floor space is clear and free of bags or purses to help avoid falls. Please store your personal items and those of your visitors (including purses and bags) in the closet
  • Wear shoes or slippers with non-slip soles
  • Do not step on the foot rack of the wheelchair when getting in or out. All wheelchairs have brakes which should be on whenever the chair is not moving
  • Ask for help. Do not use over-bed tables, beds, and bedside tables for support
  • Do not use electrical devices when oxygen is being administered
  • Frequently perform hand hygiene and encourage your visitors and healthcare providers to do the same