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Request Personal Health Records

Formal Process under Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)

To request access to your personal health information (health records) please contact the Clinical Information Services Departments at the hospital where you were treated:

Georgetown Hospital: 905-873-0111 Ext. 8237
Milton District Hospital: 905-878-2383 Ext. 7020
‚ÄčOakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital: 905-845-2571 Ext. 6712

Your written direction/consent with signature is required outlining the records you wish to obtain i.e. specific visit/admission dates. If you are requesting records for another person, you will have to provide proof that you have the authority to act for that person.


There is a $30.00 fee for the first (20) twenty pages of records and 25 cents per page in addition to (20) twenty pages. Records will be forwarded at no charge to another health care provider for continuity of care, i.e. family physician, specialist or another hospital.

Informal Process

There is no automatic requirement to invoke the formal provisions of FIPPA in order to obtain information.

In keeping with existing practice, informal inquiries are welcomed and will continue to be dealt with by the appropriate department heads who continue to release general information and respond to routine inquiries, while respecting the need to protect privacy.

There is no informal process for access to personal health information (health records) under PHIPA.