Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Family Presence Policy (formerly Visiting Hours)

Through our Family Presence Policy, Halton Healthcare recognizes that family members and partners in care play an important part in the patient’s healing process and are essential members of a healthcare team. They provide support, comfort and, often essential information.

Family members and partners in care should be identified by the patient and are welcome based on the patient’s preferences, wishes and their safety.

Quiet Time has been designated daily, from the hours of 10pm until 7am, to promote a restful environment for our patients. Other than this, we endeavor to collaborate with the patient, family/partners in care, and the inter-professional care team to determine family supports and number of visitors at the patient’s bedside. Careful consideration will also be given to safety and the physical limitations of the space.

We will work with patients and family members to accommodate overnight stay requests where possible. To ensure restful healing environment for all patients, overnight stay accommodations for multiple patient rooms will also be made in consultation with patients sharing the space. For safety, family members and partners in care will collaborate with the patient’s assigned clinician (i.e. nurse) for overnight stays.

In an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  1. Please respect a patient’s right to privacy. Staff can only provide condition updates to designated family members or partners in care.
  2. Please be respectful and courteous in any interactions with patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers and staff.
  3. Good Hand Hygiene is important to protect our patients, families and staff. Hand washing stations are available throughout our hospitals, for tips on good hand hygiene click here.
  4. Please refrain from visiting if you are unwell, to keep our patients and visitors safe.
  5. Please observe Quiet Time daily, from 10pm until 7am, as well as any considerations and/or restrictions for individual patients.
  6. Please be aware of the noise level to help us maintain a therapeutic healing environment for all patients.
  7. Please try to coordinate visits with others to ensure our patients have a healthy care environment and make use of additional areas throughout the hospital (waiting areas, cafeteria, etc.) to avoid overcrowding in the patient care areas.
  8. Patient’s food from home can be safely stored in the kitchen/refrigerator (if available in the unit). Once food has been taken to the patient, it should be discarded or taken home.
  9. For their safety, children under 12 must be supervised at all times by an adult other than the patient.
  10. Please refrain from moving furniture in patient care areas that will cause obstructions to exits and access to patients and vital equipment.

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