Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

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Patient Relations Advisor

A hospital stay can be a stressful time for patients and their families. Sometimes issues arise that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by your healthcare team or the Manager of the unit. At these times, the Patient Relations Advisor is available to listen, follow up on concerns with nurses, physicians or other members of staff, and answer any of your questions related to hospital rules, policies or procedures.

If you are currently a patient in Emergency, a Clinic or on an Inpatient Unit and have a concern, it is best to first talk to the nurse, nurse-in-charge or the attending doctor. If you are not satisfied with their response or they are not available, ask to speak with the Patient Care Manager. If your problem remains unresolved, contact the Patient Relations Office for assistance.

If you have been discharged, it is best to call the Patient Relations Advisor who can share your concerns with the leadership of the program where you were a patient and then follow-up with you.

The Patient Relations Advisor is a neutral person, hired by the Hospital, who acts in an objective way to work with you and the hospital staff to find answers.

Confidentiality is maintained during the process. Be assured that your care will not be affected negatively by bringing your concerns forward.

The Patient Relations Advisor can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at ext. 4138, or email us at patientrelations@haltonhealthcare.on.ca .


While in hospital, you may be faced with making difficult treatment decisions for yourself or a family member. These decisions often involve deeply held values and beliefs. The Ethicist’s role is to help you and your healthcare team explore the ethical aspects of treatment decisions. The Ethicist may be able to assist you to identify how your values and beliefs might help you make a decision and to support you through the decision making process. If you wish to speak with the Ethicist, please ask your nurse to contact the Ethicist or you may call the Ethicist directly at ext. 6165.


At HHS, our volunteers enhance the quality of care we provide by supplementing the services of the hospital staff in so many ways. Our volunteers are easily identified by their dark green vests or coral smocks. All volunteers also wear the HHS identification badges. Volunteers provide a wide variety of services from assisting at the information desks to helping out on the floors. In addition, our hospitals benefit from a range of services that includes tea carts, tuck carts and library carts. Check with your nurse to find out what service is available at your hospital.

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