Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Quick Facts About Organ and Tissue Donation In Ontario

These quick facts provide a glance at the top line issues surrounding organ and tissue donation. Like the myths and misconception document, these work well to bolster your social media and email activity.


  • Currently in Ontario, there are over 1,500 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant.
  • Every three days someone in Ontario dies waiting for a life-saving transplant.
  • Less than 25% of eligible Ontarians have registered consent to donate.
  • Families of registered donors almost always consent to donate their loved ones’ organs and tissue when they see evidence of their loved one’s donation decision. In the absence of a registered donation decision, families consent only 50% of the time.


  • One donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation as well as enhance the lives of up to 75 others through tissue donation.
  • Everyone is a potential organ and tissue donor, regardless of his/her age. The oldest Canadian organ donor was over 90 years old, while the oldest tissue donor was 102.
  • Organs and tissues that can be donated include: heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, small bowel, stomach, corneas, heart valves, bone and skin.


  • It takes two minutes to register consent through www.BeADonor.ca/HaltonHealthcare
  • Your donation decision is confidential and is only disclosed after death to share with your family so they can honor your wishes.
  • You can change or withdraw consent at any time.
  • When you register you can decide to donate or exclude specific organs and tissues.
  • A signed donor card does not mean you are registered. Visit www.BeADonor.ca/HaltonHealthcare to check your status or to register for the first time.                                               

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