Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Andrea Van De Valk - Gift Shop Volunteer

You may have met Andrea Van De Valk at the front counter of the Trinkets and Treats Gift Shop last time you were at the Georgetown Hospital.  While Andrea loves working at the counter on cash where she can interact and visit with patrons, she has recently taken on a new role working diligently behind-the-scenes with her fellow gift shop volunteers to oversee the smooth operation of the store.

Andrea started volunteering for the Georgetown Hospital’s Volunteer Association (GHVA) in 1999 and in the gift shop in 2006.

Like all the other members of the gift shop team, Andrea stepped up to help fill in the gap when the Gift Shop’s Convenor resigned last year by graciously assuming the position’s responsibilities on an interim basis, until a replacement can be found. Since then she as has become well immersed in the entire operation of the business from attending buying shows and selecting new stock to pricing and displaying.

 “Our gift shop is transitioning. With the recent opening of Fit For Life/ Tim Horton’s vendor in our main lobby just outside our doors,  we no longer serve coffee and muffins as we used to for so many years,” notes Andrea. “While we have lost that revenue stream, it is a very exciting time as we explore new opportunities. We are showing off some new product lines for everyone to enjoy, and setting up some new fun opportunities to get people into the store.”

“With her progressive vision and strong leadership skills Andrea has been invaluable in guiding the gift shop team forward during changing times – and she manages to coordinate the whole effort with such ease,” notes Janice Cowen, GHVA  Volunteer Coordinator.

“I cannot express the gratitude to Andrea and the gift shop team of volunteers for their diligent efforts. They make it look easy but I know they work countless hours to ensure that our gift shop runs smoothly and provides exemplary experiences to our patients and their families and our entire workforce,” notes Cindy McDonell, GH Chief Operating Officer. “This successful business venture which raised over $35,000 in 2015 enables us to purchase important medical equipment for our hospital. We are so very grateful.”

 Anyone interested in the Convenor position is asked call 905-873-0111 x8153.

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