Exemplary patient experiences, always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

SmarTrack: Tracking A Patient's Journey Through Surgery

(Left to Right) Daniela Kupec, HHS Professional Practice Clinician, Surgical Program shows a family member how to use the SmarTrack screen in the Family Waiting Room at OTMH.

Having a loved one in surgery can be a very daunting experience that can leave you riddled with questions and uncertainty. Is my mom in surgery yet? Is she awake from the anaesthesia? What’s taking so long?

Halton Healthcare Services recently implemented SmarTrack, a new advanced patient tracking system across its three hospitals which include Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH), Milton District Hospital (MDH) and Georgetown Hospital (GH). This interactive tool visually tracks a patient’s journey through the surgical program, and helps streamline patient flow, ultimately improving communication and enhancing the patient and family experience.

"This system advances our ability to focus on providing safe and high quality and family centered care in a very efficient and effective manner," said Denise Hardenne, Halton Healthcare Services (HHS) President & CEO.

Customized Screens

SmarTrack follows surgical patients throughout their perioperative visit, from registration to discharge. The color coding design allows for a quick and easy visual for both healthcare providers and families. Each area within the surgical program including the patient family waiting areas is equipped with its own customized screen which provide pertinent and timely patient location data. This program also helps ensure that patients are moving through the surgical program efficiently.

Keeping Families Updated

To protect patient privacy, the family view screen in the surgical patient waiting areas include patient specific codes for confidential identification. As patients move through the surgical program, their status changes colour based on the area of the surgical program they are located in. This allows family members to follow their loved one’s location every step of the way through their surgical procedure.

“Keeping our patients’ families updated about their loved one’s whereabouts, alleviates a lot of their anxiety and provides a more patient/ family focused experience,” notes Jan Dziepak, MDH Patient Care Manager.


SmarTrack informs the surgical team which patients are coming to them from another phase of surgery. This allows staff to take action or adjust the surgery schedule to avert any problems, bottlenecks or delays. The Recovery Room staff are able to see which patients are in the Operating Room and the approximate time of their arrival to recovery while the charge nurse on the inpatient surgical unit can check who is in recovery and when the patient will be arriving on the inpatient unit.

“SmarTrack has allowed nurses to spend more time at the bedside providing safe, patient focused quality care,” notes Cindy MacDonald, HHS Surgical and Maternal Child Program Director. “This tool also helps ensure a smooth constant flow of patients through the department so we can maximize our Operating Rooms and resources more efficiently.”

“The successful implementation of this new interactive tool at all three of our Hospitals is key in preparing us for our move to the New Oakville Hospital, set to open December 2015,” concluded Ms Hardenne. “Congratulations to surgical program staff at all three of our hospitals for embracing this new technology.”

Additional Quotes:

Anna-Marie Merchant, GH Patient Care Manager

“SmarTrack provides us with a clear picture of what is happening in the entire surgical department. It has certainly improved communication amongst various surgical areas at GH. The number of phone calls to and from departments and with family has significantly decreased.”

Kelly Roy, OTMH Patient Care Manager

“This interactive tool has been very well received by patients and their families. We can all see at a glance where the patients are and the families can easily follow their loved one’s progress.”

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