Patient Visiting Suspended

Effective Saturday, March 21, 2020 we will be suspending all patient visiting with the exception of those with special circumstances. Due to this hardship, all patients have been provided with FREE access to the telephone, TV and Wi-Fi that is available through their bedside entertainment terminals.

The following individuals will be permitted in the hospital while these restrictions are in place:

Birthing SuitePartner Only, 24/7
CAPIS1 parent, 5-7pm
Critical PatientsDetermined on a case-by-case basis
Paediatrics1 parent per child, 24/7
Palliative Care1-2 visitors at a time, 24/7
Special Care Nursery1 parent per child, 24/7
Surgery/Endoscopy1 support person for the duration of the procedure
Diagnostics & Scheduled Appointments1 support person for accessibility & mobility if needed
*Updated March 27, 2020

Visitor Screening

All visitors will be screened before entering the hospital – those who do not pass the screening process at the entrances will not be permitted inside. If visitors pass, they may also be re-screened on the unit they are visiting. Visitors must be 16 years of age or older.