COVID Care @ Home Program: Patient Information

This is a tri-site, pilot, bundled care program for hospitalized patients recovering from COVID-19 who have been discharged home into the community with monitoring and support services.

Patients enrolled in the COVID Care @ Home Program use a fingertip oximeter and a self-monitoring routine to monitor their recovery. They are monitored by a Hospital Respiratory Therapist Navigator, have access to Home and Community Care services from a rehabilitative perspective, and have access to a 24/7 Access to Care Line. C.AIR, our home oxygen provider, conducts home visits to assess/reassess their needs for ongoing oxygen therapy if required. If patients require urgent medical assessment, this will be performed by C.AIR Respiratory Therapists in their homes or after-hours by Halton or Peel Community Paramedics. Medical clarification/questions are directed to the patient’s primary care provider as they continue to be the Most Responsible Provider for their patients.

Resources to assist patients enrolled in the COVID Care @ Home Program can be found here and printed at home if needed.

  1. COVID at Home Program Patient Sheet
  2. What to Expect if I get COVID
  3. Exercise Log
  4. BORG+Pursed Lip Breathing