Innovation Compendium

We are pleased to introduce our new innovation compendium! We have recently chronicled our innovative achievements and compiled them into our Innovation Compendium. This compendium is a living document that tracks and chronicles the multitude of exciting innovations that have been implemented at Halton Healthcare. We will continue to add to this document to reflect the ways in which we continue to innovate across our system.

These practices, whether native to Halton Healthcare or proven within the industry at large and new to Halton Healthcare, have been or are being implemented within the organization. Some have been funded through our internal Innovation Grant Program while others have been initiated independent of the grant program.






Innovation helps drive healthcare excellence and better patient experiences. In Pathway 2020, we have committed to the strategic priority of ‘innovate’ to foster an environment of continuous learning and innovation while embracing a spirit of discovery.

Pathway 2020 outlines our priorities and strategic directions for the future. It is the roadmap that will help us to stay the course. Our key strategic initiatives are large projects requiring a significant investment of time and resources. These strategic initiatives have the ability to impact each of our hospitals, our programs and our services and relate directly to the accomplishment of Halton Healthcare’s mission and vision.

Key Strategic Initiatives

  • Milton District Hospital Expansion: We are committed to ensuring that each of our communities has access to state-of-the-art facilities, technology and equipment. In 2017, the Milton District Hospital expanded by 330,000 square feet to ensure that our hospital is capable of meeting the ever-growing demands of one of Canada’s fastest growing communities.
  • Innovation Strategy: We will serve as an organization through which new models of care, leading practices, specialized services, and technology can be adopted, adapted and accessed for our patients and the community hospital section.
  • Georgetown Hospital Capital Planning: We will work to develop the next phase of capital planning for the Georgetown Hospital.
  • Execute information and communications technology (ICT): Delivering excellent clinical outcomes and exemplary patient experiences requires state-of-the-art ICT. We will work to implement an ambitious ICT plan that delivers upon exemplary patient experiences, always.