Collaboration is at the heart of Halton Healthcare and the work we do to improve our patients’ experience and the overall performance and effectiveness of the broader health system. In Pathway 2020, we have committed to the strategic priority of ‘collaboration’ and are committed to fostering collaborations that help to improve our patients’ care and experiences. We have a strong legacy of collaboration whether it’s between individuals, care teams, hospitals or with other healthcare and academic partners across our catchment area and the province of Ontario.

Pathway 2020 outlines our priorities and strategic directions for the future. It is the roadmap that will help us to stay the course. Our key strategic initiatives are large projects requiring a significant investment of time and resources. These strategic initiatives have the ability to impact each of our hospitals, our programs and our services and relate directly to the accomplishment of Halton Healthcare’s mission and vision.

Key Strategic Initiatives

  • Collaboration Strategy: We recognize that Halton Healthcare is part of a larger, integrated system. As such, we must define how we will create deliberate, purposeful collaborations that will enable better patient care and experiences.
  • Accreditation Processes and Commitments: Halton Healthcare is committed to achieving the highest level of care in comparison to industry standards. We are committed to undertaking a comprehensive series of accreditation processes to demonstrate our commitment to standards and adoption of learning practices in care and service.
  • Evolve Halton Healthcare Program/Departmental Structure and Planning Processes: We recognize the delivery of healthcare is continually evolving and that our hospitals, programs and teams must find new ways to work together to deliver more effective and efficient care. We will look to evolve our leadership structures and planning processes to ensure that we are delivering and coordinating care in the most effective and efficient ways possible.