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2023/24 Annual Report to the Community


Over the last year, Halton Healthcare has continued to provide compassionate, high-quality care to the community we so proudly serve, while also undergoing some exciting changes.

Last June, we welcomed Melissa Farrell as our new President and CEO. Melissa spent her first year getting to know the staff, culture and operations at Halton Healthcare by visiting individual units and departments throughout the organization.

From a clinical perspective, we continue to see double digit growth in a number of clinical areas. MRI volumes increased by 10% over the past year while CT volumes grew by 13%. We experienced growth in inpatient days for Paediatric Acute, Paediatric Acute Mental Health and Adult Mental Health of 21%, 10% and 18% respectively. We performed almost 53,000 surgeries, conducted over 343,500 diagnostic exams and delivered over 4,760 babies. We also had 367,450 Ambulatory Care visits, which included a 16% growth in Mental Health & Addictions visits and an 11% growth in Oncology visits. Patients were provided more than 830,200 meals. While our pandemic numbers have decreased, we still cared for 3,455 COVID patients during this time period.

In the communities we serve, we have seen growth in both our paediatric and senior populations and in their healthcare needs. In response, we opened our first paediatric beds at Milton District Hospital in February of 2024, are exploring paediatric services at Georgetown Hospital and are consistently working to optimize our geriatric services.

Since we expect these patient volumes to grow even further over the next decade our focus entails evaluating our clinical services today to plan for tomorrow. Guided by our strategic priorities of Connect, Advance, Respond, Engage (CARE), we continue to work to develop and strengthen our partnerships and implement meaningful strategies to improve care, as we poise our organization for the future.

We continue to enable an innovative culture so we can achieve the next digital horizon in care delivery. We are optimizing our electronic health record system, Meditech Expanse, to make it more user friendly and efficient with the end goal of improving patient safety and care. Also, most recently, we launched a secure patient data sharing program called AMPLIFI, which connects Halton Healthcare to other hospitals and Long-term Care facilities to ensure safer and seamless transitions for patients during transfers between these healthcare facilities.

We continue to actively collaborate with our community partners and other health providers to help improve the patient experience and create an integrated and seamless continuum of services. For example, in 2023, Halton Healthcare was designated as the Regional Coordinated Access Hub to manage musculoskeletal Rapid Access Clinic referrals for the entire Central Region and we are consequently realigning our programs to better meet the evolving needs of our community. We also became the first to provide Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience (SCOPE) for paediatrics – which you can read more about in this report.

Last fall we received amazing news of an unprecedented gift to our organization. The Walker Wood family generously donated 105 acres of farmland in southwest Halton Hills to help us meet the future healthcare needs of the region. With this gift, we have a unique opportunity to create a state-of-the art healthcare complex for the communities we serve which will provide care for generations to come.

We ended 2023 on a high note having just received the results of our Accreditation Canada 2023 survey, where, once again, Halton Healthcare achieved the highest possible ranking of “Exemplary Standing” for the second consecutive time. This achievement speaks volumes about the quality of care that we provide within our communities, thanks to the dedication of our people to our patients and their families.

As mentioned above, Halton Region is projected to surge in population by 60 percent or more over the next 25 years and the demand for hospital services in Ontario is poised to escalate significantly over the next 15 years. In addition to this population growth, our community is also becoming more culturally diverse, underscoring the need for innovative approaches to ensure equitable access to care for all.

This presents an opportunity for us to really examine where and how we provide health services which is why we created One Halton Healthcare, a comprehensive unified strategy designed to ensure we can continue to care for our growing and diverse population. We are planning for the care, the people and the spaces we need in order to continue to provide high quality care for a growing number of patients and families. We are building for the future, as One Halton Healthcare: one team, one organization, united by one common vision to provide exemplary patient experiences, always.

Halton Healthcare is an exemplary organization with an incredible culture of care. With our vibrant and dedicated teams, we are well-positioned to take on any challenges and projects that may come our way while we work proactively to evolve our organization to meet the needs of the future. Our commitment to excellence, and our purpose ‘To Care’, always shines through, thanks to the unwavering efforts of our staff, physicians, learners, volunteers and Board members. We also want to thank our foundations, donors and the overall community for their incredible support. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Richard Nunn
Chair, Board of Directors

Hilary Rodrigues
Interim President & CEO

Dr. David McConachie
Chief of Staff

Leadership Team

Samantha Horn, Board Chair, Melissa Farrell, President and CEO, Dr. David McConachie, Chief of Staff

One Halton Healthcare

The communities we serve are rapidly growing and changing. Demand for care across our sites is increasing and it will continue as our population grows. Based on the planning work we undertook last year to assess the future demographics for Halton Region, growth in seniors aged 80+ is expected to double and the paediatric population is targeted to increase 21% by 2038. With all else being equal, the number of new acute beds needed in the next five years is approximately 100 beds, with 73 of those needed for medical patients. Equally important, our communities are becoming much more diverse.

Like our communities, we must also grow and evolve. This is where One Halton Healthcare comes in. To prepare for the changes coming our way, we are taking a coordinated planning approach that builds off the exemplary care provided across all of our sites and looks at the care, people and spaces we need to care for a growing number of patients and families.

One Halton Healthcare will build on our history of excellence, collaboration and community to create a truly integrated system across all of our sites that delivers seamless care to patients and their families.

Our Care  

Through the Clinical Service Plan already underway, we are focusing on Our Care.  
We are examining the services we provide across our hospitals and community programs, and in collaboration with our partners, so our growing and changing community has access to the care it needs, where it’s needed, into the future.  

Our People  

Through a Clinical Program Structure Review, we are focusing on Our People.  
We are examining staffing and leadership across our organization, so we have the people and the structures in place to provide the best care and services for our growing patient population.  

Our Places  

Through a Master Planning process, we are focusing on Our Places.
We are taking stock of our buildings and properties across all sites to develop a roadmap to serve our growing population, including through expansion, redevelopment and partnerships. The master planning process will be dynamic, long-term, and it will provide a roadmap for our future growth and development to meet the needs of our growing communities.

We want to partner to fill service gaps in our communities and increase the ability for patients to access them. We want more integration and more consistency across our organization, with programs that span across all of our hospital sites. We want to continue to deliver more care closer to home in the communities we serve.  


Halton Healthcare expands SCOPE

Halton Healthcare expands SCOPE

To better serve our growing population, Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team in partnership with Halton Healthcare is expanding its SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience) program. SCOPE helps  primary care providers (such as family physicians and nurse practitioners) to expedite care by quickly connecting their patients to the specialized care they need thereby substantially reducing emergency department visits. Due to the success of the program, SCOPE Halton Healthcare has continued to expand to other specialties and was the first in the province to include paediatrics. Learn More


Project AMPLIFI: Creating Safer Transitions

Halton Healthcare has joined Project AMPLIFI - an innovative project that helps create seamless, safer and faster transitions for patients moving between hospitals and long-term care homes. Project AMPLIFI improves health outcomes for patients through their integrated care coordination platform that reduces the potential for medication errors, difficulties in obtaining an accurate diagnosis, delays in treatment and care, and readmissions to hospital for this high-risk population. Learn More

Halton Healthcare Designated Regional Coordinated Access Hub 

In September 2023, Halton Healthcare was selected to become the Regional Coordinated Access hub to manage referrals for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Rapid Assessment Clinic (RAC) and surgeon consults across the entire Ontario Health Central Region. In this role, Halton Healthcare will provide referral management to 12 hospitals and to over 100 orthopedic surgeons, support over 3,900 primary care providers and oversee the utilization of the Novari eReferral system for all parties. 

The Novari eReferral system is an electronic referral management system that transfers the referral between primary care, the Central Intake Program, the RACs and surgeon’s offices. This eliminates paper and provides up to date information on the referral status and facilitates robust data gathering such as referral volume, referral destination and wait times throughout the patient journey.

The system enables visibility of wait times of RACs and surgeons across the entire central region and supports patients with informed choices on RACs/surgeons to ensure they receive the right care at the right time and at the right place. The single access point and technology ensures patients are sent to the right program and helps avoid duplication. 

Furthermore, Halton Healthcare will provide regional leadership in facilitating timely access to appropriate MSK programs through collaboration with stakeholders, system data collection and continuous quality improvement of the referral process to optimize the patient experience.  A major goal of the initiative is to standardize the RAC programs across the region so that patients have similar experiences regardless of where they go. 



Cryoablation: A Chilling Breakthrough for Cancer Care

Cryoablation is a minimally invasive procedure used mainly to treat cancer. This procedure is ideal in that it does not require a visit to the Operating Room and has a short recovery time.  

Halton Healthcare is proud to start offering renal (kidney) cryoablation, a procedure performed in the Interventional Radiology Suite using image guidance to locate and treat the area of concern. This treatment can be offered closer to home thanks to $40,000 in funding provided to the hospital by a group of young professionals, The Innovators, through the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Cryoablation precisely targets tumors. It uses needles that probe, freeze and kill the renal cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. It offers the same outcomes without the risks of surgery. Patients get quicker treatment and they leave with just a small bandage. 

App for Hip and Knee Surgery Patients

An Innovative App for Hip and Knee Surgery Patients

Halton Healthcare is first in the region to launch Seamless MD, an innovative app to help hip and knee surgery patients both prepare for and recover from surgery. The technology allows clinicians at the hospital to review and communicate with patients during recovery at home, ensuring timely intervention and enhanced patient support. Learn More.
View our video on YouTube.


Areola Tattooing

First in the Region to Offer Areola Tattooing After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Halton Healthcare’s Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) is one of the first public hospitals in Ontario to offer cancer patients the option of areola tattooing as a physician-funded service. This advanced technique uses pigment to simulate the physical dimension and depth of an areola following post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Learn More.
Watch the Video: Restore Me Clinic.


First Dedicated Inpatient Beds for Children

Milton District Hospital Opens First Dedicated Inpatient Beds for Children and Adolescents

In February 2024, Halton Healthcare celebrated the official opening of its first dedicated paediatric beds at Milton District Hospital (MDH), enabling children and adolescents to receive specialized inpatient care more quickly and closer to home. The four inpatient paediatric beds will help clinicians deliver compassionate care to children up to 18 years of age. Learn More.

Halton @Home Pilot Program

Halton @Home Pilot Program

Halton Healthcare has launched a new Halton @Home pilot program in Oakville this year in collaboration with the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team, SE Health and Home and Community Care Support Services Mississauga Halton. This program provides integrated care and a direct pathway home for patients who are medically stable and able to be discharged from acute or emergency care. The Halton @Home Pilot Program offers up to16 weeks of home care including a Care Navigator to follow patients through their program, and patients have access to a 24/7 health line.

Preventing Opioid Deaths

Preventing Opioid Deaths

Given the opioid crisis sweeping the country, Halton Healthcare is one of the first community hospital organizations to provide patients at risk of opioid use with free xylazine test strips. The strips can quickly detect the presence of xylazine in opioids such as fentanyl. The strips are provided inside free Naloxone kits and help prevent opioid deaths. Learn More.


Patient Experience

Patient Experience Surveys: Your Feedback Is Valuable

Halton Healthcare is committed to providing outstanding, integrated health care to our communities, delivering optimal patient outcomes, and providing care consistent with exemplary standards and compassion. We strive to provide a people-centred approach to care, where our health care services meet the needs of patients, families and the growing communities that we serve. To support our Vision of Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always, Halton Healthcare implemented an enhanced Patient Experience Surveying platform in August 2023.

This new strategy invites our patients to provide feedback about their hospital stay by completing a confidential and secure electronic survey via email. Surveys are distributed to patients who have received care in various inpatient or outpatient settings and have agreed to receive email communications from our organization. Multiple patient experience surveys are in use across the organization in an effort to obtain feedback from a variety of clinical areas. Completion of a survey is voluntary and survey results help to identify what we are doing well as an organization, and highlight any and all opportunities to improve the quality of care and services we provide, as well as the overall experience for our patients and families.

HHS Celebrating PRIDE

Celebrating PRIDE  

Halton Healthcare proudly marched in the first ever Halton Pride Parade held on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Thank you to everyone who made this such an amazing afternoon. At Halton Healthcare, we believe that every individual deserves access to safe and inclusive healthcare. We are committed to providing an environment where everyone is treated with respect and compassion, regardless of their background or identity. A special thank you to everyone who came together this year to show support for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Watch the Video

Walker Wood Land Donation Update

Walker Wood Land Donation Update

Halton Healthcare received an incredibly generous donation of 105 acres of land appraised at approximately $45 million from the Walker Wood family in 2023.The organization’s Georgetown Hospital Redevelopment team has already started conducting assessments and preplanning work on the property. 

In the meantime Halton Healthcare is taking precautions to ensure that the property and its buildings are safe, secure, and well maintained while allowing the land to be farmed by a local farmer, so it remains as productive as long as possible. 

As part of this effort, Halton Healthcare has entered into an agreement with Halton Regional Police that allows them to conduct ongoing police training K9 exercises, search procedures and tactical maneuvers on the site. This continuous police presence will also help keep this property secure. Learn More.

Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment

In May 2023, Halton Healthcare entered into our first ever Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment (WMHRA). The focus of the WMHRA was to gain a baseline understanding on how Halton Healthcare is performing against ‘The National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace’. This National Standard includes 13 Risk Factors, and was created by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The WMHRA was conducted by Sun Life in May and October 2023 and we received incredibly valuable feedback from more than 120 team members.


Halton Healthcare Awarded ‘Using Blood Wisely’ Hospital Designation

Halton Healthcare’s Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) has received the ‘Using Blood Wisely’ Hospital designation from Choosing Wisely Canada and Canadian Blood Services. This national award recognizes Halton Healthcare’s commitment to red blood cell stewardship and continuous quality improvement to ensure that the Canadian Blood supply is preserved for patients most in need of a transfusion. Learn More

Internationally Recognized for Surgical Patient Care

Halton Healthcare’s Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) has been recognized by the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) for achieving “Meritorious” status for surgical patient care in 2022. This is a testament to the commitment of the surgical team to surgical excellence. Learn More.

Halton Healthcare - By the Numbers

1,261 Volunteers
5,276 Staff
961 Medical & Professional Staff (physicians, dentists & midwives)
343,541 Diagnostic Imaging Exams
830,214 Patient Meals Served
26,198 Oncology Visits
163,285 Emergency Department Visits
52,902 Surgeries
40,474 Dialysis Visits
45,028 Fracture Clinic Visits
4,763 Babies Born
68,243 Mental Health & Addictions Ambulatory Care Visits
3,287,011 Laboratory Tests

COVID-19 Activity

(March 1, 2020-April 17, 2023, unless stated otherwise)

16,895 Virtual Visits
6,400 Number of patients cared for in OTMH & MDH Field Hospitals
195,276 Vaccine Doses Administered(December 2020 - May 2022)
2,821 COVID-19 Patients(March 2020 - March 21 2021)
237,659 Testing Centre VisitsMarch 2020 - January 2023)
505 IMS TransfersNovember 2020 - November 2022)

Each of Halton Healthcare’s three hospitals is fortunate to be embraced and strengthened by the efforts of its own distinct foundation and volunteer organization.


We have the privilege of working with over 1,260 volunteers who donate their time and talents throughout our hospitals. They reach out to our patients and their families, as well as staff, with compassion and comfort, and add a “personal touch” that is so invaluable to enhancing the patient experience and improving our hospital’s culture of care.

Each of our three volunteer organizations are also registered charities raising much needed funds to support the purchase of equipment for their respective hospitals.


Each Foundation actively supports its respective hospital and continues to achieve great success in fundraising. The spirit of giving is critical to supporting the innovative care provided to our patients and families.

Donations support the immediate and ongoing needs for the purchase of vital equipment, program enhancements as well as or hospital renovations or expansions. They have a significant and lasting impact on the quality of healthcare we can provide to our communities.

We are forever grateful to our Volunteer Organizations and Foundations for their unwavering commitment and dedication to our hospitals.



Statement of Operations (expressed in thousands)

For this year ended March 31, 2024

Revenue  2024
 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care$582,490
 Interest income 8,389
Other operational income 84,730
Deferred grant amortization 12,292


Salaries, wages and benefits$480,419
Supplies and other expenses 116,273
Medical and surgical supplies 36,701
Drugs 32,487
Equipment amortization 15,204

Excess of revenue over expenses before building Interest and amortization

Building interest and amortization (1,233)
Excess of revenues over expenses $5,584

Audited financial statements for the year-ended March 31, 2024 are available here



  • Samantha Horn, Chair
    Riccardo Trecroce, Vice Chair
    Melissa Farrell, Secretary


  • Dr. Ausma Ahmed 
    Pankaj Arora
    Bob Aziz
    Sharon Barkley
    David Bronicheski
    Dr. Meghan Daly
    Dr. Margaret Gordon
    Karen McClure
    Dr. David McConachie
    Ken McDermot
    Carole Moore
    Stacey Nagle
    Indira Naidoo-Harris
    Richard Nunn


  • Melissa Farrell, President & CEO 
    Dr. David McConachie, Chief of Staff

    Monica Bettazzoni, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Milton District Hospital and Georgetown Hospital
    Dr. Stephen Chin, Interim Vice President, Medical Affairs
    Al Coady, Senior Vice President, Redevelopment, Facilities & Retail Operations
    Brendan Kwolek, Chief Information and Digital Officer
    Michele Leroux, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Cindy McDonell, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
    Carole Moore, Interim Senior Vice President, Patient Engagement & Chief Nursing Executive
    Hilary Rodrigues, Senior Vice President Corporate Services, Performance & Chief Financial Officer 
    Janet Skupsky, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
    Adrienne Spafford, Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships