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Above & Beyond


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the entire healthcare system and providers in ways we could not have imagined. Despite the challenges we face, every individual at Halton Healthcare continues to go above and beyond in providing safe, quality care to our patients, families and communities.

Last Fall, after months of consultations and planning, we launched our new Strategic Plan, and introduced our new purpose statement – To Care. High performing organizations succeed when the whole organization has a clear sense of purpose and people can see themselves in that purpose. This common principle has already been demonstrated as we see our teams focus their time, energies and talents on our strategic priorities of Connect, Advance, Respond and Engage.

Our new strategic plan identifies, as a priority, the need to continue to advance how we deliver care by achieving the next digital horizon in care delivery. After years of thoughtful preparation, we successfully launched our new electronic health information system. With the foundational pieces in place, planning work has begun on the development of our new Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Roadmap which will leverage and optimize Halton Healthcare’s existing ICT assets and exploring new innovations.

Responding to the pandemic has underscored and amplified the urgent need for redevelopment of our facilities to ensure we are better prepared to respond to emerging issues, including infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. We continue to pursue the Georgetown Hospital redevelopment and approval to fit out the shelled in space at Milton District Hospital and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. We are also preparing a Master Planning document for our Cancer Program to align with the projected clinical program service requirements needed to fully support our community.

As an organization which prioritizes organizational culture and values, we were thrilled to be announced as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital. In the year ahead we will further our work in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and will launch our new Leadership Development Program.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to pause and reflect on what our healthcare teams have accomplished, despite the many challenges they face every day. We are so proud of the way our organization continues to respond to the pandemic, always living our values of compassion, accountability and respect. With that in mind, we acknowledge the challenges our healthcare teams have faced, both personally and professionally, throughout the pandemic and are focused on providing supports to help them recover and re-energize.

We know the pandemic is not over and we don’t know what the future holds. Much of the work in recent months has focused on stabilizing our workforce and supporting the people on our teams, while also working to return to pre-pandemic levels of activity in all areas of our hospitals. With the strength of our teams behind us, we are prepared for the next stage of the journey as we continue to deliver on our purpose – To Care - and our vision of providing exemplary patient experiences, always.

Richard Nunn
Chair, Board of Directors

Denise Hardenne
President & CEO

Dr. David McConachie
Chief of Staff

Connecting people and partners throughout the continuum of care

Making the right connections - Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience (SCOPE) Launches in Halton

The Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience Program, or SCOPE as it is known, has been successfully launched in the communities served by Halton Healthcare. This innovative program connects registered primary care providers in Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills to the most appropriate provider or service based on the patient’s health concerns through a single point of access.

It’s the ease and simplicity of this program that has contributed to its wide success. SCOPE supports primary care providers with real time health and social services navigation, resource matching and timely access to specialists’ visits all through one point of contact – a Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator connects physicians to the most appropriate provider or service based on their patient’s health concerns. This could include; a consult with an internist, access to outpatient services, diagnostic imaging and home and community care support services, along with other service options.

“The service was amazing and I got great advice from internal medicine within 20 minutes by a direct call and an appointment the following week,” explained Dr. Sheilagh House, Oakville Family Physician. “It changed my management and the patient was extremely satisfied.”

SCOPE is available in other communities but the Halton Healthcare program has been adapted to provide additional support to physicians for their patients.

“Our program is unique in that we have a Nurse Navigator on the team to help support and advise physicians and connect them to the most appropriate service based on their patient’s individual health concerns,” explained Jody Strik, Director, Transitions, Integrated Care & Rehab Clinics at Halton Healthcare. “The Nurse Navigator can expedite some tests and referrals, put physicians in immediate touch with specialists and tap into homecare services so that patients can get the most comprehensive care possible and avoid emergency department visits or hospital admissions.”

“As family physicians, we are seeing more patients than ever before who are struggling with multiple complex diseases as well as social and mental health issues in our offices. We don’t always have resources to turn to such as specialist advice and social supports – especially for our high-risk patients who have urgent concerns. Now, one phone call to SCOPE gets the ball rolling,” explained Dr. Nadia Alam, SCOPE Primary Care Lead in Halton and family physician in Georgetown. “This leading edge program extends our reach so we can provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible. It helps ensure that patients get the right care, in the right place, and at the right time so they don’t have to go to the Emergency Department.”

SCOPE is led and implemented by Halton Healthcare and is supported by the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team. There are currently more than 70 primary care physicians across Halton Region enrolled in the program. It is expanding with new pathways to connect physicians and patients to more care services and is broadening membership throughout the region. For information on the program, please visit www.haltonhealthcare.com/scope

Advancing how we deliver care

Our Digital Horizon 

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, Halton Healthcare successfully launched a new hospital information system across our organization. The project went live with specially-trained support people available in all areas and robust 24/7 processes to remediate issues as they emerged. By supporting our staff and physicians with how to use the new technology we safely and seamlessly transitioned to the new system

This electronic system is used to store and manage patient health records and other important hospital information. This project was one of the largest and most transformative digital projects we have ever undertaken.

The switch to Meditech Expanse has impacted every staff member and physician across Halton Healthcare. This project would not have been possible without the support of every member of our healthcare team.

“The scope of this project went far beyond the implementation of new systems and technology. The move to a new hospital information system provided us with the opportunity to design systems and processes that enhance care provider and patient and family connectedness - ultimately, transforming how we work together to provide safe, effective, patient care,” said Brendan Kwolek, Chief Information Officer for Halton Healthcare.

This transformational project enhances high-quality, safe patient care; empowers inter-professional collaboration; and transforms the staff and physician experience through:

  • Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Bedside Medication Verification
  • Improved analytics
  • Enhanced quality and safety surveillance to drive ongoing improvement

Building on the success of this project, Halton Healthcare has launched into the development of a new ICT Roadmap that will guide the planning and implementation of ICT systems and technologies across our organization to achieve the next digital horizon.

Responding to the care needs of our communities

Supporting Care at Home

Capitalizing on the many lessons learned from the Pandemic, Halton Healthcare recently launched its new Remote Monitoring Program at all three of its hospitals. This new initiative is an enhanced version of the organization’s very successful COVID Care at Home Program – an initiative developed during the early waves of the pandemic to discharge recovering COVID-19 patients home safely by closely monitoring them. Bolstered with advanced remote monitoring and bluetooth technology, the new Program has been expanded to include patients in Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville with congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory illnesses.

Working closely with the patient’s care team, a Rapid Response Nurse coordinates with Halton Region Community Paramedics and Mississauga Halton Home and Community Care Support Services to organize in-home monitoring and care customized to the individual needs of each patient.

Patients referred to the program by a physician are provided with a monitoring kit and bluetooth enabled tablet that connects to the Halton Healthcare Remote Monitoring team. The paired tablet records vital information, such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and weight, and is shared directly to the remote monitoring team.

"We can see each patient’s dashboard of their daily vitals sign. If any patient’s readings is unusually high or low, a clinician from our Remote Monitoring Program will immediately check in on them through a face to face video call,” says Carleen Shipley, Halton Healthcare Nurse Navigator. “It is easier to engage and involve patients in their care plan when we can see each other on a video call, especially when patients are being oriented to the program or when they are not feeling well.”

A Rapid Resource Nurse from Home and Community Support Services also checks in on each patient within 48 hours of their referral to the program. If the patient is being discharged on oxygen, a Respiratory Therapist from Halton Healthcare’s C. Air Home Oxygen Program will ensure an easy transition home by providing the proper equipment, oxygen, and education on how to self-monitor. Should the patient’s condition change, an immediate assessment can be provided in the patient’s home.

Patient satisfaction with the COVID Care at Home program prompted the organization to expand the program to include patients with other respiratory illnesses. Feedback from patients and their families has been positive with most noting the sense of security knowing that someone is available to help them, and that they can be a partner in their own care. With the continuous access to support, patients will be cared for and are able to recover in their own homes, requiring fewer visits the Emergency Department and avoiding unnecessary hospital stays.

“These recovering patients may be scared and anxious. This program allows us to harness technology that connects them with their healthcare team, so we can guide their treatment along with them from inside the comfort of their homes,” explains Dr. Stephen Chin, Chief of Hospital Medicine, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. “Patients also know how to access the program through a 24/7 emergency number so they can get immediate help instead of having to go to the Emergency Department.”

The Remote Patient Monitoring Program is the result of the tremendous collaborative efforts of Halton Healthcare, Mississauga Halton Home and Community Care Support Services, Halton Region Community Paramedics, C.AIR Home Oxygen Program and the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team.

Engaging people and teams in care

Cultivating Culture at Halton Healthcare 

It’s not enough to just talk about organizational culture and values at Halton Healthcare, it is a priority for leaders and team members alike to actively live and cultivate a high performing culture. As a result of that commitment, the organization shares strength and compassion to support both its communities and its team members.

Thanks to the committed efforts of the organization, Halton Healthcare has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2021, by Waterstone Human Capital.

“At Waterstone we believe corporate culture drives performance and that it’s your organization’s greatest asset,” says Marty Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Waterstone Human Capital and Chair of the Canada’s Most Admired™ program. “Each of the 2021 award recipients puts culture at the centre of everything they do, and demonstrates a commitment to culture as competitive advantage. They set an excellent example of how crafting and sustaining a high performance culture can drive incredible growth and performance.”

This award is based on an evaluation of Halton Healthcare’s corporate culture over the past three years, including but not limited to - vision, leadership, individual and organizational performance and corporate social responsibility.

“Our organizational culture is built on our core values of Compassion, Accountability and Respect,” says Denise Hardenne, Halton Healthcare’s President and CEO, “allowing us to create a workplace focused on inclusion, high-performance and recognition.”

In addition to industry standard staff benefits and assistance programs, Halton Healthcare’s senior leadership team have prioritized several innovative programs that assert the organization’s commitment to its people and culture.

“This exemplary achievement brings with it a true sense of pride and accomplishment,” adds Dr. David McConachie, Chief of Staff, Halton Healthcare, “we are proud of our culture and our people who keep it alive and thriving.”

“While this award highlights outstanding corporate cultures,” continues Ms. Hardenne, “it is also a reminder for us to continue nurturing and cultivating a high performance culture at Halton Healthcare. It is this culture that provides us with the strength and compassion to support our communities and our colleagues in many different ways.”

“Our purpose as an organization is to care. That extends through our patients and families, and across our entire hospital community,” explains Joan Jickling, SVP, Patient Engagement & CNE. “Our strength, particularly over the course of the pandemic, has been the strong sense of team work and the emphasis on relationships across our teams.”















MARCH 1, 2020 TO JUNE 13, 2022









Our hospitals are fortunate to be supported by the efforts of three distinct community-minded Volunteer Organizations at each of our hospitals along with three individual Foundations.

We are delighted that volunteer services have resumed at Halton Healthcare. It is heart-warming to see many familiar faces coming back in the hospitals along with the safe, gradual resumption of many volunteer programs last fall.

Our three Foundations have also seen the measured and safe return to virtual and in person fundraising events. The support we received from our communities throughout the pandemic has been greatly appreciated. From words of encouragement, to donations of food and supplies, to financial contributions made through our three Foundations, community support has helped raise the spirits of our healthcare teams during some of the most challenging times of their careers.

Thank you to our volunteers and Foundations for their continued commitment and dedication to our communities during these challenging times.


Statement of Operations (expressed in thousands)

Year ended March 31
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care  (note 8)             $513,519$479,918
Interest income8411,028
Other operational income63,93957,960
Deferred grant amortization14,17817,506
Salaries, wages and benefits                      413,919391,983
Supplies and other expenses97,11190,906
Medical and surgical supplies30,38628,373
Equipment amortization17,84921,960
Excess of revenues over expenses
before building interest and amortization
Building interest and amortization, net
10,978  (2,363)4,836  (1,855)
Excess of revenues over expenses$8,615$2,981

Halton Healthcare’s 2021/22 fiscal year ended with a $8.615M surplus.

The Ministry of Health continues to support additional hospital capacity and reimburse hospitals for COVID related costs.

Funding policies continue to adapt and as a result the hospital has been able to retain volume-based funding that would have otherwise been returned due to lower volumes.

Audited financial statements for the year-ended March 31, 2022 are available at www.haltonhealthcare.com.



  • Richard Nunn, Board Chair
    Sharon Barkley, Vice Chair
    David Bronicheski, Treasurer
    Denise Hardenne, Secretary


  • Pankaj Arora
    Dr. Blair Baker
    Charlotte Burke
    Mayor Rob Burton
    Dr. Meghan Daly
    Councillor Zeeshan Hamid
    Samantha Horn
    Councillor Jon Hurst
    Dr. Hanif Jamal
    Joan Jickling
    Dr. David McConachie
    Ken McDermot
    Stacey Nagle
    John W. Nyholt
    Laurent Thibault
    Riccardo Trecroce


  • Denise Hardenne, President & CEO
    Dr. David McConachie, Chief of Staff
    Bill Bailey, Senior Vice President, Redevelopment, Facilities & Retail Operations
    Joan Jickling, Senior Vice President, Patient Engagement & Chief Nursing Executive
    Cindy McDonell, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
    Hilary Rodrigues, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Performance & Chief Financial Officer
    Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe, Vice President, Medical Affairs
    Sharon Norris, Vice President, Human Resources Planning & Organizational Development
    Brendan Kwolek, Chief Information Officer
    Monica Bettazzoni, Chief Operating Officer, Georgetown Hospital
    Carole Moore, Chief Operating Officer, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
    Janet Skupsky, Chief Operating Officer, Milton District Hospital