QuaIity Improvement Plan 2022/23

The Quality Improvement Plan is a fundamental component of the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), 2010. This legislation requires that health service providers from all sectors develop an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for the following fiscal year and make that plan available to the public.

The 2022/23 plan contains many of the same features of its predecessors; an identified list of system focused quality indicators, performance data and targets as well as associated improvement initiatives and milestones. The plan also continues to represent a subset of our broader corporate quality and safety plan and is aligned with the broader provincial health system quality agenda. This plan follows on another year of extraordinary upheaval and a near single-minded focus on the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Within this context, the 2022/23 Quality Improvement Plan has a strategic focus on health system recovery, enhanced hospital capacity and access to care and workforce stabilization and revitalization. As well, Halton Healthcare will also move forward on year-one deliverables attached to our Strategic Plan, on Health Information System optimization and a refresh of our Patient Experience and Engagement Strategy.

Halton Healthcare’s 2022/23 Quality Improvement Plan identifies seven quality indicators and thirteen improvement initiatives. The quality indicators identified in the plan include:

  1. Emergency department wait time for inpatient bed.
  2. Average Acute LOS-selected CMGs, CHF, COPD, and Stroke.
  3. Best Possible Medication Discharge Plan % compliance.
  4. Did you receive enough information when you left the hospital?
  5. Number of Patient and Family Advisors registered at Halton Healthcare.
  6. Employee Engagement Score-Pulse Survey.
  7. Percentage of eligible staff participating in MORE OB program.

This year Ontario Health has clarified that the submission of the QIP will be considered voluntary however Halton Healthcare has prepared the following documents:

  1. Narrative: A brief overview of the organization's key quality improvement priorities for the upcoming year. It sets the overall context for the detailed descriptions of selected indicators and targets contained in the Work Plan.
  2. Work Plan: A detailed table that outlines our improvement targets and planned initiatives that will drive improvement in the indicators.

Please feel free to contact us at for additional information on our Quality and Patient Safety Program at Halton Healthcare.

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Patient Engagement and Chief Nursing Executive
Halton Healthcare
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