Halton Healthcare Hosts Dr. Leigh Chapman, Chief Nursing Officer of Canada

May 16, 2024

Oakville, Ontario - Halton Healthcare was honoured to welcome Dr. Leigh Chapman, Chief Nursing Officer of Canada, to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) for a tour and fireside chat with frontline nurses, nursing leaders and healthcare professionals across our organization.

During the visit, Dr. Chapman engaged with staff, answered questions and discussed a wide range of topics including the important role nurses play in advocacy and how they could be better utilized to alleviate pressures in the health system. Dr. Chapman also discussed the federal government's newly created Nursing Retention Toolkit, the challenges in the nursing profession and reiterated the important work that needs to be done to support the future of nursing in Canada.

“We cannot just recruit our way out of this,” said Dr. Leigh Chapman. “We have to think differently around the way we are providing care and the big core aspects of care. There is a real opportunity for systems change right now.”

“This visit presents an opportunity for our teams to engage with a leader who is at the forefront of shaping the future of nursing and healthcare in our country,” said Carole Moore, Interim Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President Patient Engagement. “We have been using the Nursing Retention Toolkit at Halton Healthcare and it has proven to be an excellent framework in creating a great workplace for our nurses.”

Dr. Chapman had the opportunity to interact with nurses and leaders from different clinical areas, gaining valuable insights into their daily experiences and the challenges they navigate.

“It was so special to have the opportunity to show Dr. Chapman the work our teams do every day,” said Sarah McCarthy, Clinical Resource Nurse in the Emergency Department at OTMH. “Her genuine interest and thoughtful questions during our tour really showed her commitment to understanding the realities we face in healthcare.”

To learn more about the Nursing Retention Toolkit, visit the Government of Canada website. For more information about nursing recruitment and the exciting opportunities at Halton Healthcare visit the careers page of our website.