Business Development

At Halton Healthcare, ‘collaboration’ is one of our strategic priorities as outlined in Pathway 2020 and we endeavour to pursue purposeful partnerships and collaborations that improve our patients’ experience and the overall performance and effectiveness of the broader health system. We are committed to delivering on our vision of transforming the community hospital experience through the delivery of “Exemplary patient experiences, always”.

Reflecting the dynamic communities we serve, we take pride in offering some of the finest technology and healthcare expertise available in Ontario–and are eager to partner with organizations, where it makes sense to do so, through various opportunities:

  • Revenue-generating advertising in our hospitals–see a list of acceptable categories of advertising
  • Permanent food vendors in our food courts
  • Vendors/retailer market opportunities (temporary rental of booth space)
  • Education, health promotion and not-for-profit partnerships
  • Through our Foundations
  • Through our Volunteer Associations/Auxiliary
  • Through an open, fair and competitive procurement process–we procure primarily in two ways: via public open procurement using and/or and from a vendor of record list.

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