Patient Safety Indicators

Our top priority is to make sure you receive the highest quality of care when you visit any of our hospitals. As part of our ongoing Quality Program are always reviewing our performance which helps us identify areas of strength and areas that could benefit from improvements. As part of our review process, we use a number of benchmarks and patient safety indicators that assist us in measuring the quality of care. Some of these indicators are established and reported provincially while others are developed internally and used by specific departments to initiate changes that will result in improvements.

At Halton Healthcare we support the government's belief of open and transparent reporting to the public and are pleased to include the following indicators in this section.

In addition to the indicators listed, we also use a series of indicators within a Corporate Performance Dashboard to measure Clinical Performance and Outcomes, Financial Performance, Organizational Learning & Quality of Working Life, Community Responsiveness & System Integration and Consumer Relations and Patient Satisfaction. This report is regularly updated and reviewed monthly by the Halton Healthcare Board of Directors.‚Äč