Directory of Records

The Halton Healthcare Directory of Records is based on our Record Retention and Destruction Policy-Non Patient Care Records and the Appendix A–Record Inventory & Retention Schedules. The Appendix A–Record Inventory & Retention Schedules reflect the primary functions that particular record supports.

They are divided into the following six (6) major categories:

  1. Corporate/Administrative/Board/Redevelopment
  2. Financial/Payroll
  3. Procurement/Materials Management
  4. Human Resources/Occupational Health
  5. Quality/Risk Management
  6. Medical Staff Office

Within each record category, there is a listing of the types of records that relate to that function/activity or subject.

Although the general structure of the Record Retention and Destruction Policy and the Appendix A–Record Inventory & Retention Schedules has been established, the specific record types within each category may change over time.

Record types that have an asterisk* identify those that are also Personal Information Banks (PIBs) and are also be listed on the PIB page. They provide additional details regarding the type of personal information maintained, location, use, users and retention.

Questions about the PIBs should be directed to the Privacy Officer.



  • Master Patient Index
  • Accreditation
  • Leases
  • Non-Procurement Commercial Agreements, Patient Care Agreements, Funding Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Hospital-Wide Policies
  • Insurance Policies
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Disaster, Fire & Safety
  • Building/Equipment/System Servicing & Inspection


  • By-laws
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Notices - Corporations Information Act
  • Deeds
  • Board Contact List
  • Register of Board Directors
  • Board Nominations
  • Correspondence
  • Board Governance
  • Board Minutes/Materials
  • Expenses
  • Accreditation


  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Project Status Reports
  • Requests for Quotes, Requests for Proposals
  • Project documents
  • Planning Documents


  • Books of Accounts/Accounting Records
  • Source Financial Documents •Records Supporting HST & PST
  • Employer Health Tax
  • Patient Billing Records
  • Payroll Records
  • Other Financial Records 

Procurement/Materials Management

  • Procurement process documentation
  • Purchase orders & related approvals
  • Supplier Delivery Packing Slips
  • Invoice Copies - support of AP process
  • Records/Evidence of Equipment Servicing Back to top

Human Resources/Occupational Health

Human Resources

  • Employee Personnel Records/Contracts
  • Volunteer Records
  • Benefits/Pension Management
  • Employee and Labour Relations
  • Salary Administration
  • Pay Equity Plans
  • Recruitment Records
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Correspondence/other

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Occupational Health and Safety - Employees and Physicians
  • Disability Management
  • Occupational Accidents
  • Occupational Health and Safety Inspections & Testing
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Correspondence/other Back to top

Quality/Risk Management

  • Quality of Care Information
  • Critical Incident Reviews
  • Patient/Visitor Incident Reports
  • Disability
  • Patient Compliments/Complaints
  • Claims Management Back to top

Medical Staff Office

  • Medical Advisory Committees, Agendas and Minutes
  • Medical Advisory Executive Committee Agendas and Minutes
  • Professional Staff Associations Agendas and Minutes
  • Credentials Committee Agendas and Minutes
  • Research Ethics Committee Agenda and Minutes
  • Affiliated Physician Files Back to top