Excellent Care for All Act

The Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 places Ontario patients first by strengthening the healthcare sector's organizational focus and accountability to deliver high-quality patient care. The goal of the legislation is to blend quality and value in such a way that Ontarians will be able to count on the health care system for generations to come. Under the Act, hospitals are required to demonstrate how they link executive compensation to the achievement of the performance improvement targets set out in their annual quality improvement plan

Act Requirement

Quality committees, which report to healthcare organizations on quality-related issues; In compliance with the Excellent Care for All Act, Halton Healthcare's compensation plan is linked to the achievement of performance improvement targets for the President and CEO and members of the Halton Healthcare Senior Management Team, as set out in the annual Quality Improvement Plan which took effect April 2011.

Halton Healthcare's Quality Improvement Plan is one tool that we are using to help us document and review our current performance in a variety of areas. With this plan, we will be able to very clearly see our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress; Executive compensation must be linked to achieving improvement targets set out in the annual quality improvement plan; Each of the four compensable targets will have a value of 1%. The final assessment of the achievement of the Quality Improvement Plan targets will occur on or before March 31 each year. Failure to achieve targets may result in up to 4% of the annual salary paid for that fiscal year, being reduced during February and March of that year.

Patient/client/caregiver surveys to assess satisfaction with services; Staff surveys to assess satisfaction with employment experience and views about the quality of care provided by the healthcare organization; Declarations of values, which are developed after public consultation by healthcare organizations that are currently without one; Patient relations process to address patient experience issues and reflect its declaration of values.


Health care matters to every Ontarian. That’s why the government has taken important steps to improve the quality of Ontario’s health care system and make sure every health care dollar is used to provide the best possible care.

Ontario’s New Excellent Care For All Strategy Means That:

  • The patient is at the centre of the healthcare system.
  • Decisions about patient care are based on the best evidence and standards.
  • The health care system is focused on the quality of care and the best use of resources.
  • The main goal of the health care system is to get better and better at what it does.

How Does This Affect the Health Care System?

The healthcare system is playing a vital role in improving health care services for Ontarians by working toward new standards set out in the Excellent Care for All Act, which became law in June of 2010. These new standards will ensure that Ontarians receive health care of the highest possible quality and value.

How Will It Affect Me?

For individual Ontarians and their families, the Excellent Care for All strategy means that:

  • Doctors, nurses and everyone working in health care will put your needs as a patient first.
  • The best available evidence will be used to make decisions about the care you receive.
  • The experience you have as a patient will be an important part of health care quality.
  • You will have more information and greater choice in the health care you receive.
  • Finally, health care providers will be paid based on how well they make quality their main job.
  • As the healthcare system makes quality its number one concern, it will also make better use of public funds.
  • And that means all Ontarians will be able to count on the health system being there in the future.

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