Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Tips For Preventing Accidental Falls

By HHS Occupational Therapist, Janine Theban

Over all, eating regular well balanced meals and being physically active every day (exercise for strength and balance) as well as taking medications properly will keep you healthy, which means less risk of falling.  In addition, take these extra precautions to minimize your risk.

  • Have a sturdy chair in your entryway to help you put on and remove your shoes and boots
  • Keep your steps and walkways free of ice, snow, newspapers and wet leaves
  • If necessary, install a handrail along your front walkway
  • When going out, plan ahead, don’t rush – take the time you need
  • Wear footwear to prevent slipping and avoid using laces that may come undone
  • If you have a hearing aid or glasses, remember to wear them. Don’t forget you need all of your senses for your balance!
  • Use your walking aid
  • Walk slowly and carefully, watch for sidewalk cracks, obstacles, slopes, slippery surfaces and other hazards
  • Don’t load yourself down with packages; take advantage of home delivery or use a pushcart or ask a neighbor or friend to help carry items for you.

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