Exemplary patient experiences, always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Pacemaker Clinic at OTMH Celebrates 35th Anniversary


Left to Right: Patricia McLaren, Manager, CardioRespiratory and Neurodiagnostic Services & Sleep Lab, Halton Healthcare; Marlene Mink, Charge Nurse, OTMH Pacemaker Clinic; Norm Favro, OTMH Pacemaker Clinic patient and Dr. Mursalene Gafoor, Founder and Medical Director, OTMH Pacemaker Clinic, Halton Healthcare

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November 22, 2017

Halton Healthcare recently celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Pacemaker Clinic at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH). Staff, physicians and patients joined clinic founder, Dr. Mursalene Gafoor, and his team to mark this historic milestone.

In 1981, Dr. Gafoor, Cardiovascular/ Thoracic surgeon, joined OTMH (and Joseph Brant Hospital) and began performing pacemaker implants at both hospitals. In 1982, he established the Pacemaker Program, in the former OTMH’s Outpatient/Fracture Room Clinic. OTMH became the first community hospital between Hamilton and Toronto to provide follow-up services to patients with pacemakers.

“Our goal is to optimize the well-being of our pacemaker patients, so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. We monitor them carefully and customize their pacemakers to their lifestyles,” explains Dr. Gafoor, Medical Director, Pacemaker Clinic, Halton Healthcare. “We opened with a mere 50 patients in 1982 at the former OTMH and today, at any one time, we serve approximately two thousand patients across Halton Region.” 

In 1993 the clinic was assigned a dedicated space in the Outpatient Department of the former OTMH and in 2015, with the opening of the new OTMH, it was relocated to its current home in the CardioRespiratory Department.

“While so much has changed over the past 35 years in terms of technology and infrastructure, the Pacemaker Clinic’s commitment to excellence has never wavered,” noted Carole Moore, Chief Operating Officer, OTMH. “With Dr. Gafoor and his group of dedicated staff and volunteers, the clinic has grown and flourished. It has improved the quality of life of thousands of cardiac pacemaker patients across Halton over the past 35 years. What an incredible accomplishment!”

Joining the 35 year celebration was Norm Favro, of Oakville, one of the Pacemaker Clinic’s first patients. “I know first-hand that the care I received has been nothing short of excellent. The Pacemaker Clinic saved my life. Now, I can enjoy my grandchildren as well as my great grandchildren.”

In concluding the event, Carole Moore congratulated staff, volunteers, and of course, Dr. Gafoor for providing such tremendous patient care over the past 35 years, “This truly is a special milestone. It really exemplifies Halton Healthcare’s vision of providing exemplary patient experiences, always.”

35 Years of Heartfelt Care: Patient Story

Norm lives a full and healthy life in the Oakville community with his wife of 56 years, thanks to his pacemaker and the Pacemaker Clinic at OTMH. A father to three children, Norm enjoyed a remarkable career as a physics teacher at T.L. Kennedy High School in Mississauga. After retiring in 1994, Norm and his wife Mary Ann took the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the Caribbean and tour Europe.

Today, at 81 years, Norm cherishes his time with his family - and still tries to keep up with his seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren!

“I wouldn’t even be here talking to you had it not been for my pacemaker and the meticulous care I have received from Dr. (Mursalene) Gafoor and his team at the Pacemaker Clinic over the past 35 years,” recalls Norm. “Their care has been nothing short of excellent. They saved my life and thanks to them I have been able to enjoy my family – even the little ones.”

Norm met Dr. Gafoor in 1982 when he was referred for a pacemaker implant by his cardiologist, Dr. Donald Peat. At the time, Dr. Gafoor was a young, cardiovascular & thoracic surgeon serving both OTMH and Joseph Brant Hospital and had just founded the Pacemaker Clinic at OTMH.

“A falling heart rate left me with me with no alternative other than a pacemaker. Following the implant, I felt my energy and strength return almost immediately,” continues Norm. “Thanks to Dr. Gafoor’s expertise, the implant was painless and uneventful. Since then, I have had three subsequent replacements and, of course, the clinic and its staff have been there for me through all of them.”

“We monitor our patients very carefully and customize their pacemakers to their lifestyles. Our goal is to optimize their well-being,” continues Dr. Gafoor. “The clinic opened with a mere 50 patients in 1982 at the former OTMH. Today, at any one time, we serve approximately two thousand patients across Halton Region.”

“It is nice to see how this clinic has grown. While the original clinic at the old OTMH was much more modest than it is here at this new hospital, my experience has always been the same – absolutely wonderful!,” concluded Norm. “I have gotten to know Dr. Gafoor and the clinic staff over the years and I actually look forward

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