Exemplary patient experiences, always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

HHS Recognized as ECRI Award Finalist

Halton Healthcare Services (HHS) was recognized as one of six finalists for the 2013 ECRI Health Devices Achievement Award for the successful implementation of the electronic MobiLAB Positive Patient Identification System (PPID) for specimen collection at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

HHS’ submission entitled “Implementation of an Electronic Positive Patient Identification System for Specimen Collection at Halton Healthcare Services (Oakville, Ontario) - An Enabler for Improving Patient Safety and Achieving Laboratory Pre-analytic Excellence” was entered by the HHS Laboratory Services.

The ECRI Institute is an independent non-profit watchdog organization that promotes the highest standards of safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the healthcare industry through its quality checks of medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes. The Institute’s prestigious award recognizes exceptional initiatives undertaken by a healthcare facility to improve patient safety, reduce costs, or otherwise facilitate better strategic management of health technology.

The ECRI Institute was extremely impressed with HHS’ submission and its project outcomes and has presented HHS with a plaque to commemorate this achievement. In a letter congratulating HHS on its ranking, James P. Keller Jr., Vice President, Health Technology Evaluation and  Safety of the ECRI Institute noted, “your institution is dedicated to achieving the excellence in health technology management and safety that our award is designed to recognize.”

HHS has realized significant improvements in specimen labeling accuracy since it introduced the PPID system in its lab-based blood collection service at OTMH in 2007. Based on this success, the system has been expanded in an incremental fashion to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in 2008, the Emergency Department in 2009 and the Outpatient Renal Dialysis Program in May 2013.

The MobiLAB system was also implemented at the Georgetown Hospital in July 2013, the Milton District Hospital in October 2013 and will conclude with the remainder of the clinical areas at all sites into early 2014.  

“With all its checks and balances to verify patient identity, this system enables our healthcare providers to consistently perform at a high level of quality and is an invaluable patient safety tool. It is quick and easy and has been well received by our healthcare providers throughout OTMH,” notes Rosemary Prikosovich, HHS Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services. “It ensures that specimens are collected from the right patient, at the right time, into the right container and that all are accurately labeled no matter where you are in the hospital.”

“It is a real honour to be recognized by an organization such as the ECRI Institute --one that is so focused on ensuring quality, and safety in our healthcare industry. Our staff have really embraced this technology and it has allowed us to make significant advancements in patient identification throughout our organization,” noted Lilian Scime, HHS VP Corporate and Diagnostic Services. “What a great quality and patient achievement for HHS!”

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