Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Services Available

For people with diabetes

Group Programs

Just the Facts

  • Introduction to the basic facts about diabetes, diabetes management and healthy eating.
  • Blood sugar meter training and information on additional learning opportunities offered.

Managing Diabetes

  • Focuses on essential skills to self manage diabetes.
  • Topics include: Healthy eating, physical activity, diabetes medications, blood sugar monitoring, and preventing/delaying the long-term complications of diabetes.

Foot Care Essentials

A Chiropodist will discuss how to prevent foot problems, how to treat minor foot injuries, choose appropriate footwear and keep feet healthy.

Other Workshops

Interactive & practical workshops available on physical activity, heart health, stress management, label reading, carbohydrate counting, and management of food cravings. 

Individual Counselling

Individual appointments are available with a nurse educator, dietitian and social worker to provide a personalized approach for your diabetes management.

For people at Risk for Developing Diabetes (Pre-diabetes)

Reduce The Risks

Group program discusses the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.  Healthy eating, physical activity and self care management information to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. 

Building Partnerships for a Healthier Life

Uncommon content coming soon.